Friday, June 13, 2008

Sophia sure likes this pair !!!

Well, welcome back Sophia Bush. We really fell in love with you when you showed up in the ultra low cut Louboutins that we featured here awhile back. In the meantime, the toe cleavage hasn't been so prominent in the pumps you've been choosing. Then I realized something... that you've been choosing the same exact pair of pumps time and time again!!! This gray pair in the photos below. To at least six different events!! Please, please, bring back the ultra low cut pair!!!


hank said...

I bet the sweat has built up in those pumps

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Chief; I particularly like the sidewalk shots of these pumps. They are quite representative of what we see on the street everyday. Hank's right, these are nicely worn and I'd pay a $1,000 to own them.

As an aside, the stunning woman in the Mercury Mariner/Milan TV ads is wearing a pair of beautiful, pointed black pumps that I'm certain reveal toe cleavage. Even in HD broadcasts, it just isn't close enough. I've searched but cant find anything; hopefully someone will find a way to get an image.