Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julia Kova !!!

Here are some photos of a gal named Julia Kova. I'm led to believe that she's a model, which is entirely feasible - as she's downright gorgeous. And I'm not sure if what she's wearing is a dress or a nighty... but I really don't care, 'cause it really shows of a pair of beautiful legs. And at the ends of those legs, are... what else? Toe cleavage pumps. Enjoy.


shrimper said...

She was Miss Russia of 2003 and is a friend of Paris Hilton. She's also a pop singer in Russia.She's a hottie but I was distracted by the petite thing in jeans and ballet flats in the background.

Hank said...

Chief struck gold on the second pic...& off the subject:

Myth: Flats, flip-flops and going barefoot are good for your feet.

Fact: "This is a common misconception, because we
always hear about the problems with high heels,"
Vlahovic said in a prepared statement. "But these
three present their own types of problems."
Flip-flops provide no support, which can cause plantar
fasciitis, ankle sprains and tendonitis. Wearing flats
can lead to severe heel pain and blisters, crowding toes
and conditions such as hammertoes and bunions. Walking
barefoot leaves feet open to cuts, scrapes, bruises, and
puncture wounds along with skin issues or nail injuries.

Diagnosis: Flip-flops or flats are fine for a few
hours, but you should stretch your Achilles tendon for a
bit if you wear them for longer than that, Vlahovic
said. Save walking barefoot for around your own home,
unless you are at risk for diabetes or have peripheral
vascular disease. In those cases, always wear shoes in
and out of the house.

Ladies: wear your heels closed toe no stockings it's better for your health.

shaq91 said...

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