Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Candids !!!

To follow up on yesterday's non-celebrity post, here's some candid shots I found of ladies out in public wearing toe cleavage heels. I think for folks of our ilk, seeing such sights in person is the most exciting thing. Rarely, however, do we have a camera ready to capture the moment. At least, never a non-cell phone camera that can capture a decent quality image.


shrimper said...

Thanks Chief, they're all good. That last one is really ready to pop a toe.

hank said...

I'm gonna get whiplash lookin at all that good stuff...thank chief oh & shrimper took the words from my mouth on the last one but that second is close on bustin out too & the first is scratching her red pumps oooh yum

Anonymous said...

Love those candids! Would love to see more of 'em! Great job to the phototaker!