Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Roxanne McKee !!!

I can't say I know who Roxanne McKee is, but it appears that she's a British soap star. I suppose our readers from the UK will inform us more accurately... She's certainly a looker, that's for sure. And she's donning some nice toe cleavage high heels - Louboutins, of course.


Anonymous said...

She's in Hollyoaks.

Some nice shots anyway =)

Anonymous said...

Nice set of pictures indeed.

However, I must say, I'm getting tired of Louboutin!

It's getting overkill, I rather like to see pumps like these worn by Roselyn (
OR Gianmarco Lorenzi pumps, but apparently no women from the jet set are wearing those:(

Still, good work Chief, its really appreciated:)

hank said...

i'm with 2nd anonymous...the over stretch of louboutin is there...i've seen better lookin & sexier.
her toes look a bit bunched up in that sit down pic, but a good job overall chief
off the topic...yesterday katie lee was complaining how she didnt have room under the table cause of hoda's feet & they got a close up shot of hoda's barelegs & feet in those rounded toe pumps oooh yeahhhhhh

Sidney Smith said...

I think her bodyguard shaves with a hedge clipper, but her loub's are nice.

Chief said...

Hey Guys,

Right now, if it weren't for Louboutins, I don't think I'd be able to keep this site going. I just reviewed the last week of celebrity events and candids, and it's getting very difficult to find anything but sandals and peep-toes. Yes, summer is upon us, and for some unknown reason, women feel the need to show us their toenails.


Hank said...

peep toe, flip flops & open wedges oh my that's dreadful everywhere i look in the stores & gas station, but at least at my bank the girl was in black pumps no stockings...i almost jumped to her feet & thanked

shrimper said...

In several shots you can almost see the nail of the pinky toe on her right foot. I do not get tired of seeing CL's.