Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heathers !!!

A couple of cougars here, to be sure. Heather Thomas and Heather Locklear. For those younger than 35, these were two really hot women on TV in the 80's. Ms. Locklear is obviously more well known in recent years, as she continues to be featured in sitcom after sitcom. Ms. Thomas, if memory serves me right, sustained a pretty bad accident back in the late 80's that seriously derailed her career. Good to see both showing some toe cleavage in recent appearances. The younger starlets need to take a cue from these finely aged gals.


Hank said...

Now chief...I'm under 35 i made 31 yesterday...i know who these ladies are especially Ms locklear...TJ hooker & dynasty foul...your work is compensation enough, but i cant believe i was the only one who's commented on your last post...can you?
MS Lock is about to burst free from her pumps big time & the sweat come flowin out

Anonymous said...

Heather Thomas!!! Man, I haven't seen her in ages. Boy, she sure was a dish back in the '80s. Still looks goods now.