Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 10 !!!

I thought I'd stop and give you all a listing of the top 10 celebrities (well it's really a top13, with ties) posted here since this site's inception about 21 months ago. The number in parentheses next to their name indicates the number of appearances they've made here. Of course, you might say "Chief, but you're ultimately the one who determines who gets posted here." And you're right. But all in all, I do think this is still a fairly good representation of the celebrities who wear toe cleavage pumps the most in public. As that results in more photo opportunities, which translates to more appearances here. And you can see below who the current Queen is. New boss, same as the old boss.
  1. Victoria Beckham (24)
  2. Pam Anderson (20)
  3. Renee Zellweger (15)
  4. Hillary Duff (12)
  5. Eva Longoria (10)
  6. Megan Fox (8)
  7. Paris Hilton (8)
  8. Sophia Bush (8)
  9. Marisa Tomei (8)
  10. Anne Hathaway (7)
  11. Kate Beckinsale (7)
  12. Petra Nemcova (7)
  13. Brittany Snow (7)


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that as celebrities go, Victoria is number one. She has the perfect body, and is always teetering around in the highest heels.

Anonymous said...

Sydnee and I will disagree. I think that Kate Beckinsale is the best package over all!

hank said...

Both are off sorry both are to thin & bony now Christina Ricci has the full legs that is neccessary for toe cleavage, but Gwen stefani is tied for my choice she's got the long strong legs & face.
OK shrimper...your turn

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Christina Aguliera she is quite hot. My point with Victoria is that she is always in skyscraper heels. I personlly think he skiny bony frame with large breast implants is so perfect. At 5'9 118lbs, I try to maintain that same body size. I am a little thicker in that I have big bones broad shoulders. Though I am always trying to lose a few pounds.

Anonymous said...

I need pics.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Anon 2. I've seen the photos of your high heels, but a photo would help greatly!