Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jessica Alba !!!

Normally, I can take or leave Mary Jane styled pumps. But I do have to say that on this particular gal's feet, they do look a tad better than on anyone else's. And this particular gal is Ms. Jessica Alba. We gotta take all the toe cleavage we can get... 'cause it might not always be there for the taking in the future.


Anonymous said...

Nah! Couldn't get past the tits.

Hank said...

lol lol at anonymous i hear that brotha.

hey everyone, I had an admissions interview today & the woman was barefoot in 4inched closed toe black heels...showing cleavage & i couldnt resist & she let me touch the cleavage...her toes were soft to bad she was married cause i wanted to rub those toes...sweet little scent left on my fingers a bit too

hank again said...

i rubbed on the middle toes