Thursday, March 26, 2009

Haylie Duff !!!

It's always nice when you find something when you happen to be looking for something else. Such is the case of Haylie Duff. I was looking for photos of her lovely sister in toe cleavage heels, and I get ugly stockings and boots. On the other hand, I find statuesque Haylie in all of her toe cleavage goodness. My goodness.


Anonymous said...

My god, lovely. Women should look at those pictures as an example of why pumps always look better than boots (and tights!). I am also curious and fairly new to this site. Do most men that like toe cleavage prefer bare feet in shoes? And do most of those men like the smell of feet that have been in a nice pair of shoes all night?

hank said...

it's like i wrote that...thanks amonymous
some women do go barefoot in boots & that's a good smell to tell...look at how they dont suction well and they walk funny, I've cracked open a few boots in my years too

Anonymous said...

Actually, I like Hilary more than Haylie, but usually they are both very-very hot looking. Thanks for the pictures!