Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marieh Delfino !!!

I have no idea who this gal is, but she's inside the ropes at some kind of premiere, so she must be a celebrity of some form. And speaking of form, how about those legs? And how about the toe cleavage??


Anonymous said...

Good work Chief! Picture 6 presents an excellent example of the benefits of wearing high heels.... nice tight buns!

shrimper said...

That is such an eyecatching outfit. And the heels are so well worn. It gives me an instant reaction. Thx Chief.

hank said...

shrimper is right i love thoe well worn shoes too...true reaction.

the shorts and closed toe heels should be the new spring and summer wear for the ladies

I know i'm pushing it with my friend girl

Anonymous said...

Rather a goofy outfit but, with those legs and the TC in those nicely worn pumps, who cares. A great find Chief. New young ladies continue to emerge to keep us happy.

Kinghook said...

Shorts and TC pumps are an explosive mix, as Shrimper said "It gives me an instant reaction" too
She has great legs and sexy ankles, I love her