Thursday, July 30, 2009

Won't get fooled again....

Folks , I do apologize for not providing the necessary quality control in a few recent posts. I was fooled by some folks who clearly pulled a fast one on me, and I (unknowingly) ended up posting some photos of legs belonging to the wrong gender.

It won't happen again, even if it means posting nothing but celebrity photos indefinitely. I've worked too hard to establish a very good quality site here, and will not risk compromising that quality again.

To those who bemused themselves by posting snarky comments, rather than earnestly trying to alert me to this situation... I am not amused.

And to those who abused my trust and misrepresented the subjects of these photos, - you know who you are... do not ever contact me again.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Chief! We'll get past this. No hard feelings from me.

crgmac said...

Chief your work is appreciated.

It's a shame that a small minority felt the need to abuse your trust. Please keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

High Heels belong on Women's legs only...thanks for correcting this!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief, thanks for your work,

I think you took my comment wrongly about assessing the gender, I meant assessing that IT IS a girl ;)
And princess poochie is real one, trust me ;)

shrimper said...

Chief, no harm no foul. We ain't mad at ya for being fooled. There are actually some guys who manage to look better than most women in heels. I've also been fooled many times.

Anonymous said...

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