Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random stuff !!!

You may or may not recognize all these gals here. I don't. I'm only here for the toe cleavage. And that's what I brought you all today. A variety platter, if you will


hank said... brotha...Thank you, i know it's hard to find african american women, those two pics are delicious

Chief said...

Believe me Hank, I try to keep my eye out for them - for you in particular. I'm going to have another one for you here real soon.

crgmac said...

Please tell who the woman is in the last picture.

She is capitivating!

Chief thanks for digging out the African American females on this post. It's a rare but very welcome treat.

Again if anybody knows who the last lady is I'd be enternally grateful to know.


shrimper said...

I believe that last girl is Naomie Harris, a member of the cast for "Street Kings". All these ladies are lovely. Thanks Chief.

kosheen1983 said...

the last is the best..definety cute girl!