Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stacy Keibler !!!

Busy week... No time to write anything except... Stacy Keibler in toe cleavage pumps.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your posts Chief

but sorry to say this would be one of your lesser.
I really dislike those pumps.
clunky and unelegant.
What happened to the classic pointed toed pumps without plats?
The wooden soles under these shoes don't help much either.

Why does a lovely lady want to wear wood?

There are some things in life you don't understand

I hope the days from between 2003 and 2007 come back soon, but it probably will not 'sniff'

Anyway, keep em posting Chief! and thanks

april said...

ungracious bitch....the pics are free...stop whinning......

Anonymous said...

Stacy is smokin' hot. Wish she was showing us her long beautiful legs though.

hank said...

I miss her miss hankcock outfit...

i agree with april...dont stress at chief anon, sure the classics are great the pointy stilettos are great, but you cant get that as you open your eyes & I'd prefer the wood and platforms over peeps and strappy & god forbid flip flops.

Anyway if their done right...chunky pumps can be good.

hank said...

I see those as deep dish pizza & classics are thin crust...both good hot oozy pizza it's just what you i'm for both in a buffet all you can eat buffet from 9am to 11pm....ok let the perv comments

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who did the first comment

Sorry if I somehow disrespected the Chief.
It wasn't my intention!
As I said I am a big fan of Chief's postings and I thanked him for that.

It was a rant about today's women's footware that is getting worse...the trend for this winter is 'art shoes'
yes art shoes, instead of shoes being sexy and elegant they gonna have to be outrageous with different materials, colours that make lavalamps pale in comparison.
The seventies are back!:(

So, my apologies

and chief..keep em coming

Su said...

God daaaaaamn - I really love this chick :D

shrimper said...

Maybe I am becoming warped but I think these pumps look sexy on Stacy, or maybe its just that I think Stacy would be sexy with bare feet. Whatever. Not my choice but still looks good on her.