Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Ten !!!

Given that everything these days seems to be a ranking of some kind or another, and how there's a top ten for everything from college football to David Letterman, I thought I'd give you all the Top 10 most often posted celebrities here. Hey, I know, I know... I'm the one in control of who's seen here and who's not. Well, that is indeed true. But in general, it's truly a function of how often these ladies present themselves in public in our favorite footwear. And I've subjectively differentiated any ties, as you can see below. So, here's the list, along with the number of appearances here....
  1. Pamela Anderson - 15
  2. Victoria Beckham - 12
  3. Renee Zellweger - 12
  4. Hillary Duff - 10
  5. Megan Fox - 8
  6. Anne Hathaway - 6
  7. Danielle Lloyd - 6
  8. Sophia Bush - 6
  9. Kate Beckinsale - 5
  10. Christina Ricci - 5
And is the case with any good Top 10, there needs to be an "honorable mention" as well. And it includes: Petra Nemcova (5) , Kelly Brook (4), Rose McGowan (4), Brittany Snow (4), Heidi Klum (4), Paris Hilton (4), and Marisa Miller (4).


kosheen1983 said...

I would vote for #2 Victoria Beckham, she is definetly the goddess of toe cleavage

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can only post celebrities; my wife is hot, and wears high heels everyday!!

Chief said...

I have posted many photos of non-celebs on this blog... however, they've mostly all been close-up shots. I'd rather not necessarily post whole body shots of non-celebs, but will evaluate any submissions on a case by case basis. Any high-res digital photos you have of your wife (or any female for that matter) in toe cleavage footwear can be emailed to .

shrimper said...

Number 10 is my number 1!!

Anonymous said...

Kate Beckinsale (the early pictures) and Sophia Bush for me!

Anonymous said...

Kate B and Renee for me definitely :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than Reneè... she is so sexy with those incredible toe cleavage. It's really so exciting to see her in "Bridget Jones" clothes and then to see how much she can be sexy...! A "WHOW" for her...!

Sidney Smith said...

Chief, how about dramaclass? I have shots from her eBay auctions.

Chief said...


I have quite a few of hers, but have not checked much lately. As you know, I've also posted some of hers before. Go ahead and send them if they're good. Thanks, Chief.