Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miss Hathaway !!!

Anne Hath-a-way with toe cleavage pumps, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

You are complaining about so less posts. Well I guess that we all still are thrilled by the photo's, but I must say that all the time they are the same shoes. All these moviestars wear Louboutin Pigalles. There is already such an abundance of photo's. Perhaps you should post less, and post only those ones that are really fantastic, or be more selective. I also miss zoomed in photo's. I would prefer less moviestars, unless spectular ones and more cleavage zooms. I also would appreciate it that you give the photo's a name that is related to the brand of the pumps.
Furthermore I have only positive thoughts on your website.
Regards, Joe

dwwalex said...

Please, publish as many pictures as you like of the Pigalles. That's my vote. I've never seen so many beautiful shots anywhere else. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pics and some lovely glimpses of her arches.

Sidney Smith said...

IMHO, and Hank my agree, these are the best fitting pigalles I've seen so far in these posts. No exploding toes, shoes loose enough to get my jollies going, these loub's just look COMFORTABLE yet sexy.

kosheen1983 said...

thank you for posting! Don't stop posting every nice toe cleavage you find!

but in this post, I must admit that I don't like her dress, the design of the shoes and her legs.. But that's my pov