Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best Legs in Hollywood ???

These just might be... As I had noted previously, Blake Lively has just an awesomely flawless set of gams. And from the shirtdress she's wearing in the first three pics below, she knows what she has. Teaming these legs with toe cleavage pumps makes for just an awesome combination.


Sidney Smith said...

I agree, chief, a great set of pins. IMHO an intestingly oxymoronic contrast between her nice croc pumps in front of the billboard name (of the producer) of the ugliest, smelliest shoes ever to deficate our planet.

Anonymous said...

Best in Hollywood? Not quite. I prefer that a girl has a bit more muscle tone to her legs. Still, she's one of my faves to look at and certainly has a nice set of gams. Best of all, her consitent bare leggedness in the TC pumps tells us she's got great fashion sense. Like you said, this girl knows what she's got.

hank said...

I'm baaaaack...i was dodgin gustav in atl...ok what did i miss oooh nice legs, but i have to agree with anon...I've seen better & must have more calves