Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Kelly Brook !!!

Can one ever have enough Kelly Brook? Can one ever have enough Kelly Brook cleavage? Clearly no, as that's why I've featured her again today. Beautiful cleavage in two dimensions... the obvious and wonderful breast cleavage, and the more subtle but still outstanding toe cleavage. And what's maybe the best thing about these photos? No Billy Zane!!


Hank said...

toe & breast cleavage...is there anything better?

Anonymous said...

...but the strap prevents shoe play!

Anonymous said...

Straps over the top of the foot
sre not pretty. But loose
slingback straps are very nice.

shrimper said...

What gets me is the other person in pic #3 who I would not have taken to be female except for the shoes. Short, wide fat feet are not usually considered sexy even when encased in patent leather ballet flats.

Anonymous said...

ballet flats are never sexy, but straps across the foot are