Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mandy Moore !!!

In an effort to keep bringing you a variety of celebrities, I give you today a newcomer to this site, Ms. Mandy Moore. These photos are all rather dated, and are probably all more than a year old. Unfortunately, Ms. Moore has been suffering as of late from the ugly-shoe syndrome. And I do mean ugly. I had to restrain myself from actually showing you exactly how repulsive her recent shoe selections have become, as it almost defies belief. In any case, we're thankful for her good choices of the past. Hopefully, she overcomes her most recent malady.


Sidney Smith said...

I think the pic in the chair is very nice. Cleavage from both sides of the silver stilettos. However, the other shots say to me "here is a young gal who hasn't quite outgrown the high school grunge look [footwear-wise]". Sorta like the anti-beauty Gen X thing.

Hank said...

A total disagree on the grunge comment...grunge are flip flops jesus sandals & lug boots or laceups that's why they look nasty oh yeah & the vegetarian & strappy sandals eww...this girl, woman shows that classy one shoe doesnt fit all & you can have cleavage in many shoes, so she has pointy and rounded toe heels variety...good show Ms Moore & chief for posting...high school shoes are those ballet flats or the mary jane flats, flat skimmers emphasis on "flat"
Thanks for not showing us the ugly shoes too chief...i got an idea of what you're talking about...especially since i usually come on this site after a don't need no upchucks.
Also she's under 25 she's not gonna wear a shoe for a 30 year old she'll be in the young woman dress & heels look & not hot and tempting for the pedifiles...sorry i had to bring that one up, but it's true.
----Also those are gold stilettos not silver

Anonymous said...

i see red loubs how are those grunge or gen x?

Pierre Dumaurier said...

For her normal travel, sometimes she makes herself look like Bettie Page meets Leon The Professional to escape the public eye. I do not confuse this with her actual taste in footwear. But for her events I have seen her wear some rather flattering heels, but would like to see her exploit her long legs and beautiful feet sometimes, as in a high boot, leather or PVC. She has these stunningly beautiful long legs and the loveliest feet in the world, she can sometimes flatter them with a high long boot.