Friday, December 14, 2007

Hilton Honors

We all see more than our fair share of Paris Hilton pictures everywhere... And we see pictures of Paris wearing pumps almost exclusively. She's not typically a sandal or peep toe kind of gal. What's disappointing though is that she rarely wears pumps that show of any kind of toe cleavage. With the exception of these previously posted photos (Here) , she's always wearing some round toe, non toe cleavage pumps. Aaaaargh. Very disappointing. Why can't she be more like her sister, Nicky? Whoa, Nicky looks pretty darn good. And she's sporting some really nice toe cleavage in these Louboutin pumps. Paris who?


hank said...

toe cleavage or not...if a woman is barefoot in closed toe high heels then it's a tasty doesnt wear sandals or peeptoe huh, hmmm i have a new respect for her now...yeah right

hank said...

here's a challenge for you find and post shots of katie that's a girl who's always bare in pumps with toe cleavage dang she's got some on now oh that's the 60minutes report oooh red too, but on friday when she does that thing with s hartman she's in the chair barefoot in her black pumps or brown maybe green

Sid said...

I can only imagine that dweeb with Nicky is her bodyguard.

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