Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brittany Snow !!!

Here's the lovely Brittany Snow once again, in several different settings. I think everyone loved her in the posts from several weeks back, and there's a lot to like in these photos as well. The first pic in the second row is a real sweet one.


Hank said...

I love number 6, but those strap shoes look familiar...where where oh yeah great with soy

shrimper said...

It's amazing how shoes can change the look of an outfit. A little weirdness in pic #4 is that all her toes are about to pop out yet she has padding around the heels to keep them on. Borrowed shoes maybe?

hank again said...

Yeah're right...they look to long "borrowed"& the padding keeps them on & made cleavage at the same time cause tight...if not she would've been popping out as she walked...bad in many circles if her feet were dirty, but some starlets go dirty in shiny CT heels these some movies & other blogs even youtube