Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blake Lively !!!

For a somewhat brand new Hollywood starlet, there seems to be an awful lot of photos of Blake Lively. Apparently, she's one of the female leads in the new Traveling Pants Sisterhood movie, or whatever. She's fairly easy on the eyes, no? And her legs are pretty spectacular as well. I gotta admit, when I first saw some of the HQ photos of her, I thought she was always wearing nylons - as her legs were just that smooth and perfect. But she's not. Her legs are just that awesome. Look at the first picture below, and tell me if you've ever seen legs that smooth... And she has already shown a remarkable tendency to wear toe cleavage footwear. It goes without saying that we really like that here.


hank said...

Ahhhhhh my 1 & 3 have flops in the at least there are the other pics to recover with.

PS: When will the sisterhood of the traveling high heels with toe cleavage be out?

hank again said...

Chief should make a reality shoe show on toe cleav. Popping dangling sniffing and sucking…”so you think you should dangle”…all colors styles as long as there’re closed toe & bare feet inside.

Sci-fi movie…shoe wars…women jedi wearing CT heels & light sabers vs women sith in open toe shoes & flip flops with light sabers all fighting for the fate of the universe.
"You're evil", Lucy said. "you stomped my mom's feet & now she has to wear sandals & orthapedic shoes"
"No Lucy", darth stiletto said. I’m your mother

No, lucy said. it’s not true".

Search, DS said. Your toe cleavage

No, lucy said. that’s impossible I hate flip flops

Take my hand, darthS said. Join me kick the loubs off wear peep toe pumps & except your destiny as we rule the universe together as mother and daughter.

Or Shoe hulk- a woman working in a shoe store gets radiated by experimental light bulbs & tears out of her shoes & for shrimper toes pop out of her loubs...she puts on countless shoe pairs but her feet keep swealing & the shoes keep bursting open as she searches for a pair of shoes that weren't radiated to save her feet from being prone to wearing flops forever...ahhhhh

Yeah I thought this out…I was bored today…lol

Chief said...

Wow Hank. I'm speechless. And entertained. And slightly impressed.

... But I'm mostly worried....


hank once again said...

Dont worry...I'm a writer of a sf adventure novel so i have that skill of main character is a girly girl & is always bare in closed toe heels despite travling with the global military in the roughest terrains

Anonymous said...

Awesome pull, Chief! You called it. Not a stitch of hosiery in sight on this cute girl's beautiful,creamy, smooth, bare legs. Also, she looks sexy as can be in those pants/stiletto shots. Things is it only works when the girl's feet are visible. Thanks for posting!