Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pam once again !!!

Here's Pamela Anderson with a nice look... very leggy, with short shorts and high heeled pumps. And the pumps of course are enabling the display of a lot of toe cleavage. Personally, I love the shorts and heels look. Why don't more gals do this?

In these photos, I'm kinda curious as to why it seems Pam is wanting to shield her face with her sweater? Is she concealing her identity in the least. I mean, is anyone really looking at her face? Isn't everyone's attention focused elsewhere anyway?


shrimper said...

Great from the knees down.

Anonymous said...

Her feet are about to burst out them shoes on the side there

Anonymous said...

Those look like Pepe Jimenez "Linda" brand pumps.

KINGHOOK said...

I don´t know and really don't care that much 'bout the brand af the shoe but i'll like her to keep on wearing them and amaze Us.
Thanks chief