Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ms. Beckham !!!

Here's Victoria Beckham once again. I gotta say that I'm not crazy about her newer footwear choices. Yeah, they're Louboutins... and they still do show some toe cleavage.... but I really liked the Pigalles that she used to wear.


hank said...

As long as she's bare in closed toe heels is what counts & she's got the legs to boot

shrimper said...

Yeah Hank. but the platforms don't help her look. They make things appear out of proportion. When she wears her non-platform Louboutins I want to jump through the screen.

hank said...

ok now i understand your dislike...most to all platforms do that. That's how i feel about sandals & peep toe make things out of whack kill a look