Friday, February 1, 2008

Stocking the Toe Cleavage 2

It's been a long while since I first posted photos that showed toe cleavage in nylons (here). While I do like the bare look much better, there's something about the look shown in the middle top photo below that I really like as well. Not sure how the rest of you feel about this look, but for the sake of diversity, I thought I'd devote today's post to it.


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Anonymous said...

Very Very Hot. Middle shots in both rows are the best, those Black Pumps are Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I vote for diversity, I always have loved bare, but stockings can be just as sexy if they are sheer.

Anonymous said...

Please Chief, don't you ever do that again, i think as you do, i love the look bare, but then again what is yhe purpose of showing toe cleavage if you are going to cover it with whatever kind of hoisery?

Keep the good work

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chief, it has to be bare for me

Anonymous said...

Bare for me as also.

Chief said...

Guys/Gals, as you can see from the small sampling of comments, there's no consensus on this topic. Like I said... it was a day for diversity's sake.

But one thing I won't ever do here in the name of diversity would be to feature sandals, peep toes or any other such shoe. You can be assured of that.

Anonymous said...

You can post sandals, peeptoes or whatever it is that you want but please, PLEASE DON'T EVER show us Toe cleavage covered with hoisery

Anonymous said...

I honestly do not understand the objection to toe cleavage covered with hosiery as long as it is sheer, matches skin and DOESN'T LOOK WRINKLED! If you are into foot fetishes, why do you object to sandals so much. This is so weird. The reason some women opt for hosiery with shoes is very simple: why don't you men skip wearing your socks to work one day with a pair of hard leather oxfords, then tell me how "sexy" you and your feet feel by the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

the sole pourpose of toe cleavage is it to show toe cleavage, then what is the reason to wear shoes tha show it covering your feet with hoisery??, in that case wear the proper shoes for that. otherwise tell me why it looks antiesthetic to wear sandals or peeptoes or slingbacks with sheer stockings or whatever, those shoes were made to be worn barefoot

Anonymous said...

Unless your eyes are going blind (mine aren't), one can still see plenty of toe cleavage with sheer hose on. This logic goes like this: bare sandals go with bare feet, since the feet can air out, and there is less friction with open shoes. Hose goes with closed toe shoes to protect enclosed feet and shoes from friction, odors, perspiration, blisters and damage to sock liners (they curl up.) In four-season climates, sandals work best in warm weather, closed in cold. Open toes are best for casual/romantic/weekend looks, while closed are best for professional jobs with traditional dress codes. Bare legs are too raw and seductive for conservative work environments. Few people understand this today. We've got people wearing pajamas in public, and flip flops in the snow. We've got people wearing Eskimo boots in the summer. All the standards are gone. But just because everyone does it, doesn't make it right, attractive or elegant, not to mention logical.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up... is the last comment something out of Style Diary or Beauty Bash :)

Anonymous said...

It has to be bare legs; you don't get the detail of the toe cleavage if the lady is wearing hosiery.

Anonymous said...

I love toe cleavage however it comes. Bare and hosiery covered are both sexy. It's all preferance.

Anonymous said...

A real LADY wears Wolford Hose day to work, and bare for you at night!

Anonymous said...

Not a bash, just telling it like it is. ITA with ladies wear Wolford by day, bare by night. That's what I do. If you "can't get the toe cleavage detail if a woman wears very sheer hosiery", I suggest you visit an optometrist and get some bifocals or contacts.

Anonymous said...

To those who think toe cleavage is the same with hosiery, just look at the picture at the top of the blog and imagine it covered in tights or stockings; do you think it would have the same "wow" factor?
If you do that's ok by me, I just know what I like.

Anonymous said...

Well Chief:a few days ago you asked for more comments- you're certainly getting them now!
PS-I vote for bare!

Anonymous said...

Im the person who brought up the Wolfords here earlier... I wore my pumps bare for years, you know it's a Florida thing, but a very nice lady from Chi-Town turned me on to Wolford and I'm digging the look for winter, you guys just have to 'peek' a little harder <>

Anonymous said...

Im the person who brought up the Wolfords here earlier... I wore my pumps bare for years, you know it's a Florida thing, but a very nice lady from Chi-Town turned me on to Wolford and I'm digging the look for winter, you guys just have to 'peek' a little harder <>

Anonymous said...

admittedly for me it is as much about the shoe itself. Bare TC or hose TC either way, sexy. But i would say it's hard to beat a good stiletto heel. My top vote goes to Pumps with a hint of toe. Some like the extreme low cut vamp. I respect that. To each his own. Thankfully, out in the world there seems to be enough shoe-diversity to please all

KINGHOOK said...

Well, there's a lot of point of view arond here, glad to see there are some ladies that visit the blog, let me tell you that everything goes fir in the proper way, for work you gotta be wearing the right outfit if you want to look profesional, so closed toe shoes femeninevstyle but not sexy are in order, and since woman want to feel comfortable wear hoisery or not according with your choice, men at work should wear the proper shoes and must be worn with sovks. but if women want to look sexy then for me the shoes must be worn for that matter, and if we are talking toe-cleavage then no hoisery please, of course sandals and slingbacks must be worn barefoot too.

John said...

I'm a newbie here and this is a great site. Also an interesting post. Here's my contribution to the discussion.

I think toe cleavage with or without hose or stockings is fine. It's the shoe that I look at, and a low cut vamp makes the shoe look sexy and says something about the woman who is daring enough to slip her nylon clad or bare feet into them.

bowtie said...

Give the guy a break. Keeping up with a blog with photos, and the quality of the photos on this blog is hard so do it yourself if it does not suit you. I have a blog that is mostly text and bitter as it follows the politics therefore I know how hard it is. I for one think this is one of the better blogs out here.

Anonymous said...

Tights and traditional drugstore hosiery are just not sheer like Wolford Luxe #8 or #9, which are as transparent as glass. Wolford is bare but more elegant. I agree about tights being inelegant. I hate them specifically because they cover everything. Any stocking that wrinkles badly does not fit, and that kills it for me also.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for bare in stiletto pumps. Never understood the fascination with hosiery. To me it's like saying a beautiful woman's face would look better covered with a thin layer of silk. Rubbish. And for those who still hold to that tired myth that women have to wear hose to appear professional? LOL! Southern California is full of professional women who would beg to differ. Thank god!

BTW, fabulous job your doing with this blog, Chief!

Anonymous said...

I like pumps and flats without hosiery the best, expecially for showing off the tc!!! But I have seen tc pumps worn with sheer hose that was a real turn-on, too. So, I like both, just depends upon the mood I'm in, but the bare look will forever be my favorite, just because the tc shows the best when shown in its full glory!!! Would you believe I've been turned on by tc since I was just a young lad in a stroller?!! Go figure that!!! The late 50's and early to mid-60's were awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's all relative at most.
A girl will be more comfortable with a say 2" and a thick heel shoe worn with bare leg and slingback when in summer. What good is a 6" stiletto with hosiery????

Anonymous said...

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