Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ali Larter !!!

I really, really, really like Ali Larter. She is just such a naturally stunning beauty. And she really seems to have her own natural style - in the clothes she chooses and the appropriateness of her attire. Not too classic. Not too trendy. Just right.

Oh, and did I also mention that she occasionally chooses the fashionable toe cleavage pump for her footwear? Again, nothing too provocative. And nothing too conservative. Just right.


Anonymous said...

Beg to differ, Larter is very classic in these pics. Traditionally, no color looks more sophisticated and sexy on a woman than black. And her shoes? What's more classic than black, stiletto pumps!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Chief; she is a stunner and one of the toe cleavage queens. These pumps with their low cut sides expose more of the foot in addition to the toe cleavage. A classic.

Anonymous said...

Sexy look ever tight black leather pencil skirt with high stiletto heel court shoes. But i do love to see suspender clips under a tight pencil skirt & seams down the back of a womans legs...Very sexy