Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jessica Alba !!!

It's a bit of a drastic segue from Renee Zellweger to Jessica Alba, don't you think? Not to disparage Ms. Zellweger - as we really do like her here, though we probably never really got past that plump Bridget Jones thing... But my gosh, what an absolute stunner Ms. Alba is. What a smile. What a simple, yet breathtaking ensemble she's wearing here. Although I'd much rather see her in a classic pump, I'm still rather happy to see her in any heeled toe-cleavage footwear - like she is here. The close-up shot is simply outstanding in it's clarity and content. I'm sure you guys will appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

This set is superb, second only to Kate Beckinsale.
Many thanks

Anonymous said...

that cleavage closeup is from my dreams

Anonymous said...

She looks much better barelegged and barefoot in closed toe high heel pumps! I prefer this instead of pants to cover up her ankles.