Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fantastic Close-ups

These white pumps close-ups are just awesome. It's this kind of personal photography that I'd love to find more of. The toe cleavage is nearly perfect and the assortment of shots is wonderful. Gotta love the arch cleavage as well. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

tity whitys

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!!!
Fantastic TC

Sidney Smith said...

I was never a fan of white shoes, thought of them as exciting as kissing your sister. But you arch cleavage shots made my day. I passed them on to a yahoo group of mine.

Anonymous said...

These photos are from a eBay seller named dramaclass101 she currently has lot's of listings of sexy shoes and other tc pumps. The easiest way to find her is to go to the eBay search engine and type in 'well worn heels'. You'll recognize her shoes because they are all photographed poolside like the white pumps.