Monday, September 3, 2007

Rebecca Romijn and Rachel Hunter

For Labor Day here in the US, we give you two former swimsuit models. Both had made their names on 1) being featured in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issues, and 2) being married to someone more famous than themselves (and then being subsequently dumped by such). Rachel was married to rocker Rod Stewart and Rebecca was married to actor John Stamos. I used to think Rachel Hunter was one of the hottest women on earth, and I couldn't believe that Rod Stewart dumped her... Judging from these pictures though... man, maybe he made the right call. She's looking a bit ragged. On the other hand, I wasn't sure what Stamos was thinking when he hooked up with Rebecca... Now that he'd dumped her, and I see her in these photos... I'm thinking he's made a big mistake - as she's still looking mighty hot.

Enough of the vapid commentary.... Here's the aging supermodels in their toe-cleavage pumps:

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Sidney Smith said...

All she needs is to go to the nearest beauty parlor and have someone do something with her (ugh) hair.