Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mariah Carey Toe Cleavage

For years, every photo of Mariah Carey and her great legs were always shown with a pair of high heeled sandals on her feet. And it always took something away from what I thought were an awesome pair of gams. Well more recently, she's been seen wearing the Louboutin pumps that most of the female celebs are wearing these days. And that's good news for us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your superb collection of toe cleavage photographs. Mariah Carey and Demi Moore both have rather thick ankles which makes their wearing toe cleavage pumps a bit less appealing. The women with well-toned, slender legs and ankles are the real standouts - and always with bare feet.

hank said...

the pics of M. Carey are collector's cause she's always in disgusting sandal pumps. Now Demi oooh yeah i've never seen that girl in sandals & i almost melted the time when i saw her in black pumps