Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Erica Durance !!!

You're getting a bonus second posting today - as I'm on my way to a record month in terms of number of posts. Here's another first-timer to my site, Erica Durance. She's wearing a unique style pump today, and it's showing an ample amount of Erica's toe cleavage.


hank said...

how dare she try to hide the arches

shrimper said...

Hank I forgive her. Those are some bedroom shoes! She can wear them in my bed any day....

ravenx said...

although it is good to see Erica wearing closed-toe high heels, i must point out that these are more mules than pumps

Chief said...

That's a good point, Ravenx. I guess I missed that there was no back of the shoe.

Su said...

Cute chick, great TC... the lack of a back does put me off a bit though - weird?!

hank said...

yeah shrimper she's got the heels out like ravenx said, so that'll make up for the arch hide.

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