Friday, August 28, 2009

Diane Kruger !!!

While I know there's mixed reactions and tastes here when it comes to ankle strap heels, I personally like them - when they provide nice toe cleavage views. And what I like matters... so deal with it. ;-)

This, by the way, is Diane Kruger showing us her toe cleavage ankle strap pumps.


hank said...

I missed her on letterman that night, but i'm cool with straps...they hold the feet in tight & build up the cookie scent and salty taste with lubrication to rub the arch

KINGHOOK said...

Well Chief, I don't have any problem with straps at all, and in this particular pair of pumps are super sexy.
BTW Hank, you are a perv, but don't worry 'cause I agree with you more than a 100%