Monday, June 22, 2009

British Lasses !!!

Today I bring you two British gals, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Kym Marsh. I have no idea what they're famous for, but I really don't care. These lovely English ladies are still donning toe cleavage pumps in bare legs, and I'll take advantage of that opportunity anytime.


The High Heel Times said...

I'm not sure about the second lady, but Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a really famous singer. Not that you'd care, I know :)
Besides her shoe collection, which always amazes me, I just love her eyes!

sexy legs and body said...

I have to agree with Dexter, she does have beautiful eyes. YOu beat me to it Dexter, she is a singer, actually not a bad singer either.
I also have no idea who the other girl is.

hank said...

I dont know who either lady is, i just know the second girl's legs look good in that last pic.

Anonymous said...

Kym was also a singer but is now acting in a British soap.

Anonymous said...

Kym has some strong looking legs!!