Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christina Aguilara !!!

One of the readers here called it correctly.... Christina would be coming up soon. And here she is in similar strappy pumps as seen on Ashley Tisdale. With every bit as much toe cleavage.


hank said...

I'm loving the caged pumps...i have to work to get at them toes, but TC is worth it

Anonymous said...

Sweet, just like Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Death to closed-toe pump! Up with pantyhose, platforms, sandals, and clogs!

hank said...

To Anon...I thought you couldnt drink on Sunday

Kinghook said...

I am not a lover of plats, and I don't like Christina Aguilera that much either, but I have to admit that the TC shown is good. Thnx Chief.
To Anon
Hey Buddie, If u don't like what u see here, u are free to move elsewere
The Chief keeps this blog as it is for us Bare feet in TC pumps lovers