Friday, February 6, 2009

Emmy Rossum !!!

Busy week. Again, no time for words today.


Anonymous said...

Chief, your posts need no comment. Remember, "a picture is worth 1000 words!".

shrimper said...

I have a word: ARCHES!! Excellent.

Anonymous said...


I have a favor to ask. I'm trying to find an email for a guy named "junkman". Since the Superiorpics site is down, I've lost touch with him, but I know he checks this site. My message is: "Junkman, contact Fangflyer!"

If you need to delete this, I understand.

hank said...

good arches
slinder so the thin legs are ok, but i prefer a bit more calve
I'll give her a B-
oh inside closed high heels...A now

Anonymous said...

supernanny may be thick, but man she's got some big nice legs & dont know what stockings are, but she knows what closed heels are