Friday, November 28, 2008

Hillary Duff !!!

Ask (nicely) you shall receive (maybe). I received a comment in my last posting, asking where Hillary Duff has been. Looking through my previous posts, I noticed that it has been pretty much 3 months since I've last featured her here. And there's been a pretty good reason. Or should I say, a number of reasons. Namely, she's been wearing anything but pumps... and quite honestly, she's been wearing some butt-ugly shoes. If you want to bear the risk, here's some links to the types of footwear choices she had been making lately: uck1 , uck2, and uck3 .

But here's a recent event in which she reverted back to the Hillary we all know and love... in her toe cleavage pumps!


alex said...

thanks chief flattery will get you any where. she looks so great in this photo.she has that classic look. back in august 17 2007 you had Rachel Stevens shoe popping her shoe while she was walking that was amazing. do you no if their is any dangle blogs? it wont stop my coming hear tho cos i love this blog. yes not very nice shoes in the links.

Anonymous said...

Nice post...but hey, Hilary had a great summer and fall, I mean, there were some good pictures taken;)

Anonymous said...

#4 wow