Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marisa Tomei again!!!

Folks, sorry again for the hiatus in posts here. I ran into some computer problems over the weekend. Well, I'll try to make up for my absence in a big way over the next few posts. Today brings you the lovely Marisa Tomei once again, and this time in without a doubt the best toe cleavage footwear she's shown to date.


Anonymous said...

She definitely looks good in those Pigalle. Thanks, Chief!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care too much for the tatoo but otherwise one hot package. I love pic 6.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief! Great job, really!!!
A proposal... why not a "candid" contest between millions(!) people who surf into this fabulus website?!

Chief said...


Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'll try something like that in the not-so-distant future.


kinghook said...

You came back and in a pompous way, this Marisa post is great, and to tell u the truth I've seen her in diferent kind of pumps showing some amount of TC but never like this, she is giving Us TC that left me drooling

Anonymous said...

Indeed, King! She certainly does make my mouth water! Man, Tomei has some of the smoothest looking skin on those legs I've yet to see on a girl. My favorite is the delicious toe cleavage coupled with her lovely heel wrinkles. Yummy! THANKS CHIEF!!!