Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inviting your comments...

Okay, I've been running this blog for 3 months now and I'm seeking some input beyond the polls and the few comments I've received so far. (Thanks, Walt)

I know that we're averaging about 150 visitors a day, and we're getting hits from all corners of the globe. I've got to believe though that there's a bigger potential audience out there.

Specifically, I'd like your comments on:

1) What you think of the blog...
2) Could it be made better? If so, how?
3) Do you have any personal toe-cleavage photos (of wives / girlfriends / candids) that you can share?
4) Ideas for generating more visitors to the blog.


Walt said...

Hi, Chief....feel free to email me: leave me a phone number and time that would be convenient for me to call you.

Or we can chat via YM or MSN...whatever you're comfortable with.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I check it daily. GREAT STUFF?
Yes, I have personal TC pixs to share but how do I do that?
Join some of the HH forums and do a little self advertising along with some contributions.

Anonymous said...

Hey bud great site, i check it every now and then, i would like to contribute with some pics, please tell me how

Anonymous said...

When I found your site I though I'd died and gone to heaven.