Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Close-Ups... and a rant

I suppose that if you've found this blog, you're either really interested and excited by this stuff as I am... or, you're one of the folks who are somehow put off by toe-cleavage. It's funny... if you do a search on the subject, you see a lot of blogs where people (females?) express their distaste for this look. Well, I'm fairly certain these are the same ladies who don't have a problem at all with displaying their fat, nasty feet to the world - hanging out of a pair of disgusting flip-flops or sandals. But, right.. they're really repulsed by the look of of a couple of cracks between the toes showing. It's abundantly clear that these same ladies are not too interested in attracting any men either.

I really hate this whole sandal craze of the last 10 years or so. Ladies, I really don't want to see your toenails. I don't think anyone really does. 19 out of 20 of you have ugly feet/nails. No, polish doesn't help. It makes the unappealing even more disgusting. The only people who notice your sandals and ugly feet/nails are other ladies who are also exposing theirs. The only good thing about the summer months is the fact that some ladies do eschew the sandal look and instead go with pumps and no stockings.

In all honesty, there's little else a decent looking woman can do to make herself more appealing to me (and I'm sure many more guys like me). More make-up? Forget it. Bright colored nail polish? Just gag me. But put on a pair of low cut pumps with no hosiery... I don't care if it's a pair of jeans, or a short skirt. You've got my attention. A "6" becomes an "8", and an "8" becomes a "10".

Okay, enough of the rant. On to better things. Here's today's installment:


Walt said...

I couldn't agree w/you more, Chief. Have you been to the post office or Walt-Mart lately and noticed what majority of women of all ages are wearing on their feet?

You guessed it....flip flops. There now appearing in the workplace along with pajamas.

Keep this blog going please. It's assisting us with our mission to "rid the world of women's ugly shoes."

Anonymous said...

were we lost at birth? Your words sound like what i feel every day love for the closed toe high heel pumps no nylons or socks. the first post forgot to mention the mall & school where women have this open shoe and sandal love....& men who thing that's sexy ugggg. Anyway i do know that women who are pretty and want to atract men dont wear them & go pumps or flats no stockings & those are women with nice looking feet

Anonymous said...

I also agree. Women with pretty feet look good in most any type of shoe or sandal, including flip flops, but as you say, the closed toed pump with no stockings is by far the sexiest and most attractive.

After a long time trying (and buying), I've finally convinced my wife.

Life is good!